New flour treatment toolbox for millers

Through intensive research & development work MC Mühlenchemie has improved and expanded its solutions for standard flour treatment.

The new product collection encompasses enzymes, all-in solutions, and colour improvers, and is a response to the increasingly complex challenges faced by millers.

The new improver toolbox contains eight products, six for baking and two for pasta applications. The six baking products comprise five enzymes with specific activities that can be combined as desired, and an all-in solution that unites a wide range of enzyme activities. The collection also contains an enzyme compound and colour compound for pasta-making. All these products provide mills with efficient flour improvement based on the latest enzyme technology.

The eight new products feature broader applications, improved functionality, and economy. The modular toolbox approach makes it possible to respond to widely varying harvest conditions and application-specific requirements like baguettes or sandwich bread. It is universal and designed to meet the needs of the global milling industry.

New flour treatment toolbox for millers

To celebrate the centenary of MC Mühlenchemie, all the new products bear the label “100” to symbolize a century of knowledge, innovation, and industry leadership. © MC Mühlenchemie

The MC100 Anniversary Collection comprises: Alphamalt A 100; Alphamalt HC 100; Alphamalt EFX 100; Alphamalt PLP 100; Alphamalt Gloxy 100; Powerzym 100; Pastazym Pro 100; and MCcolour 100.

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