Lindum Packaging helps Oriental food specialist reduce plastic by 83%

Improvements to its packaging has led to an 83% reduction in plastic and 67% cost saving for one of the UK’s leading specialist Oriental food manufacturers.

After being told by several other packaging companies that the only way to reduce packaging costs would be to replace its machinery at a huge expense the company approached Lindum Packaging with the challenge.

Rick Sellars, sales manager at Lindum Packaging says: “Having invested in core brake machines for its packaging operations, the company wanted to ensure it was using the correct amount of film, as well as receiving the best possible performance from the machinery it had invested in.

“From our packaging audit and consultation with the team, we discovered they were using a 23mu power pre-stretch film which was the wrong type of film for their machines and therefore it was extremely inefficient. We suggested their machines would perform better with a pre-stretched 6mu Carewrap film.”

Switching to a thinner film meant the business could not only achieve its original objective of reducing plastic waste, but it would also benefit from a large reduction to its packaging costs.

Sellars adds: “If they had listened to the original advice from other ‘packaging experts’, the company would have been left with a hefty bill for new, unnecessary machinery. Instead, by taking our advice and simply optimising their packaging materials, they are now benefitting from some of the best results we’ve ever seen without any additional capital expenditure.”

Founded in 1985, the oriental food specialist supplies meals and components to the retail trade, the food service industry and other manufacturers across a distribution network that covers Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland.

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