Ulma Packaging equips Delenco Foods with a third stretch wrapper

Ulma Packaging has recently supplied East London-based sausage manufacturer, Delenco Foods, with its third Super Chik stretch wrapper.

The investment came after the family-run business experienced downtime with one of its older machines.

Established in 1957, Delenco Foods is known for supplying high-quality lamb, poultry, and beef products in natural or collagen casings to retail stores, caterers, and butchers throughout the country.

The addition of a new individual quick-freezing line doubled their manufacturing capacity, making it crucial to package all products quickly while maintaining strict anti-contamination standards.

“We currently use three stretch wrapping machines to effectively package our products to ensure they retain their freshness and quality for as long as possible,” said Richard Barber, Delenco Foods’ managing director. “We identified that one of our older units was unable to keep up with the production of our other Ulma models. Instead of wasting valuable production time attempting to manage a failing situation, our team made the decision to contact Ulma and purchase a replacement.”

With the Super Chik’s ability to change the size of the wrapping automatically and its compatibility with multiple films, it is future-proofed from any changes the brand may make in the future. Additionally, the machine’s strength and reliability provide Delenco with the assurances they need to guarantee optimal capacity for years to come. Boasting a capacity to wrap 35 trays per minute, it can generate up to 1,575 sausage packs daily, streamlining operations and minimising downtime.

Ulma Packaging’s sales manager, Barry Leworthy, said: “We have worked with the team at Delenco for many years which is fantastic and a testament to the quality of our machinery. When Richard originally reached out with his needs, we knew that the Super Chik was a top contender.”

With the Super Chik fully operational, Delenco is now benefiting from reduced downtime and the increased productivity this offers.

Barber noted the brand’s experience with the Super Chik and the Ulma team has been “nothing but positive” each time they’ve returned.

“The machines ensure that all our products are perfectly packed and ready for transportation to our happy customers,” he concluded. “Our packaging line is now entirely Ulma machinery, and if the business were to expand, I would not hesitate to purchase a fourth machine.”

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