New British organic butter brand launches into Ocado

Co-founders, Thomas Straker and Toby Hopkinson have announced the launch of their new British, 100% organic butter brand, All Things Butter, building from the phenomenal success of chef Straker’s TikTok channel of the same name that has earned over 2 million followers.

Launching a four-strong range into Ocado on November 8th 2023, the brand introduces a fresh take to the category with butter variants: Salted, Unsalted, Garlic & Herb, and Chilli.

All Things Butter aims to disrupt the dairy industry, offering the first chef-led approach that introduces a flavour range, that puts British farming at the forefront, and donates 1% of its revenue to support the British agricultural industry. Further confirmed stockists to follow include: The Modern Milkman, Planet Organic, Gopuff and Milk & More.

All Things Butter started as a social series on Thomas’ Instagram and TikTok channels that quickly became viral during lockdown, where the chef explored unique ways to enhance recipes using butter. The surging demand and interest in the series encouraged best friends from school, Thomas and Toby, to turn the lockdown idea into a supermarket brand.

All Things Butter’s debut range available to retailers consists of four flavours of organic butter, including:

Salted 250g – recommended to be served on toast, featuring a light crunch. Co-founder Thomas Straker set out to create a butter good enough to serve in his restaurant, which is now used at Straker’s in Notting Hill.

Unsalted 250g – predominantly for making compound butter with other added ingredients whilst also serving a purpose for day to day cooking and baking.

Garlic & Herb 125g – used to elevate everyday dishes, working well as a substitute to pasta sauce, especially with the addition of parmesan run through it.

Chilli 125g – features a variety of chillies, smoked paprika and lemon juice, perfect to elevate food serves to a different level, including fish. No additional seasoning needed.

Co-founder, Toby Hopkinson recalled when developing the brand, they visited over 30 supermarkets to conduct market research, and felt the dairy category had seen too little innovation for far too long.

“Supermarket shelves were dominated by traditional, heritage led brands, and the butter industry faced difficulty due to the growth of butter alternatives, as consumers increasingly replaced butter with cooking oils in their cooking,” Hopkinson said. “With no one fighting back against the dairy-free and plant-based products that have rapidly taken category share, we felt there was a perfect place to disrupt and add in a real taste-led alternative’.

Co-founder, Thomas Straker said they can’t wait to launch All Things Butter to the masses and offer a new, fresh take to the butter industry.

“We hope to show consumers that buying fantastic butter can elevate everyday cooking, whether that be by using our flavoured butter as a strong replacement for olive oil or even as a substitute for pasta sauce,” he continued. “Not only does butter have an excellent taste, but it’s also a natural ingredient that holds nutritional value’.”

All Things Butter is manufactured by Brue Valley Farm in Somerset, who have incredible dedication to the production process and still use traditional butter making methods that include twice churning the butter to achieve the perfect texture and enhance creaminess.

This September, All Things Butter announced a pre-seed funding of over £530,000, which included serial investor in consumer brands, Adam Levene, along with co-founders of Lucky Chap Entertainment, Josey McNarma and Thomas Ackerley, who produced 2023’s biggest box office hit, Barbie.

The full product range of All Things Butter will be available to purchase from November 8th from Ocado, followed by launches into Planet Organic, Zapp, Gopuff, Getir, Modern Milkman, Milk & More & independents. RRP from £3.10, 125g for Garlic & Herb and Chilli, and RRP from £3.15, 250g for Salted and Unsalted.

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