Sweegen takes a stand against mislabelling stevia

Independent testing has determined that certain third-party Reb M products sold to food and beverage companies under label claims of “Reb-M 95%,” “Bioconversion Reb-M 95%,” or “Stevia (Organic) Extract Reb-M 95%” are not made through extraction or bioconversion, Sweegen finds.

Sweegen says its testing addresses the pressing issue of mislabelling within the stevia industry, specifically concerning Reb M stevia sold under false claims intentionally.

The primary producer of the highly sought-after non-GMO Bestevia Reb M, made with a proprietary clean bioconversion method, adds that these false claims have significant implications for stakeholders, including food and beverage companies, consumers, and the stevia technology community.

Food and beverage companies are confronted with significant challenges arising from mislabelling, particularly the erosion of consumer trust and brand reputation.

According to Sweegen, the authenticity of products is paramount to maintaining consumer confidence and loyalty, and any discrepancy between product labelling and actual content can significantly undermine trust.

For companies that prioritise transparency and integrity, the risk of reputational damage is particularly acute if their products become associated with false claims.

Sweegen says it is helping to protecting consumer rights through transparency and honesty. Consumers rely on accurate food labelling for making informed choices, especially when it comes to health-related decisions. False claims can lead to misjudgement, and consumers may unknowingly consume products that don’t meet their dietary preferences or health needs.

To further enhance transparency and provide assurance to the food and beverage industry, Sweegen is extending an offer to test all Reb-M samples for authenticity. This initiative aims to assist companies in verifying the integrity of their stevia products and reinforces Sweegen’s commitment to maintaining the highest stevia quality standards in the industry.

Sweegen is actively investigating reports of adulterated Reb M originating from China and entering the US and EU markets directly or indirectly. The company is committed to thorough research and plans to collaborate with relevant authorities to report findings to US and EU customs. Sweegen is determined to address any issues related to product authenticity and maintain the highest standards in the stevia industry.

It is essential to note that bioconversion stevia holds the advantage of claiming non-GMO verification. Sweegen believes that accurately labelling products as bioconversion stevia aligns with regulatory approval and provides consumers with clear information about this innovative sweetener’s unique characteristics and benefits.

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