Thatchers tempts the taste buds this Dry January with Thatchers Zero

For those looking for a refreshing alternative this Dry January, Thatchers Zero Cider, is the UK’s latest acohol-free apple cider designed to refresh taste buds.

An alcohol-free cider with body, smoothness and character, Thatchers Zero has a crisp, medium dry character and fruity aroma. This Somerset cider retains the taste and character of a true cider but without the alcohol.

It is formulated to be the first choice for those who don’t want to compromise on taste and enjoyment when opting for alcohol-free.

Crafted using a selection of our favourite bittersweet apple varieties at a mill in the heart of Somerset, Thatchers has made sure its alcohol-free Zero quenches the thirst for drinkers who want a premium experience, delivering on taste and enjoyment.

Thatchers has been crafting ciders since 1904. Four generations later, we are still independently owned and family run, with a passion for making the best quality ciders sustainably, always putting our heart and soul into our ciders.

Low and no drinks are now part of regular drinking occasions, and as the UK’s #1 alcohol-free apple cider, Thatchers Zero can quench the thirst all year round for those looking for a premium low or no cider.

Thatchers said it has worked hard to create a 0% cider that delivers on taste – and the result is that Thatchers Zero is creating huge interest from drinkers who recognise Zero can provide the social enjoyment but without the alcohol.

Like all other ciders in our range, Thatchers Zero is gluten free and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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