Nojo London elevates culinary experience as Miso Cooking Sauce and Tahini Dressing hit shelves

A Great Taste Award winning, B Corp certified start-up brand is launching its White Miso Cooking Sauce and Tahini Sauce to Marks & Spencer stores nationwide in January 2024 (priced at £3.50 per 200ml bottle), in time for veganuary and helping to inspire flavour-packed New Year recipes.

Nojō London, headed up by Simona Deifta, wants to allow consumers to create adventurous flavours from quality, sustainable and healthier ingredients without sacrificing any taste.

January 2024 also sees Nojō introduce a dynamic and visually appealing new look for its labels. This redesign not only enhances shelf presence but also aligns with evolving consumer preferences for eye-catching and informative packaging.

Nojō’s range of tasty sauces feature the highest quality, sustainably sourced ingredients; accessible to a range of diets, Nojō is gluten free, vegan, with no additives or artificial flavours and it’s seriously versatile.

Launching to M&S is Nojō’s bestseller, the White Miso Cooking Sauce, which holds a prestigious two stars from the Great Taste Awards; it’s made with white miso, rice vinegar, ginger and toasted sesame oil, and is designed to liven up any dish, whether grilled, pan-fried, oven baked or steamed.

The sauce has a very rich sweet and savoury taste which will bring out the umami in creations.

Also launching to M&S is Nojō’s creamy, nutty and rich Tahini Sauce, made with tahini, lemon juice, a dash of naturally brewed tamari sauce and maple syrup.

Nojō’s products are GMO-Free, plastic-free and Nojō is also a certified B corporation. Nojō’s labels are made from recycled paper, the bottles are made from 30% recycled glass, which can then be reused, recycled and repurposed and the lid is made from aluminium with a tamper seal to avoid use of plastic.

When creating Nojō, Simona Deifta’s goal was to offer sauces with genuine nutritional value that were free from processed ingredients and refined sugar. Deifta founded Nojō to fill the gap in the market for convenient, healthy food that could cater to the needs of busy individuals.

Simona notes of the launch to M&S of the belief in the power of great taste and quality ingredients.

“Bringing our Great Taste Award winning products, including Tahini and White Miso dressings to a large audience via Marks & Spencer is a thrilling step forward in our journey to offer exceptional culinary experiences to all,” she says. “M&S is renowned and trusted for the highest quality ingredients and is very selective in taking on new brands, so the team at Nojō is honoured to be chosen to go on shelf nationwide, the launch marks a big step in our business, and will be a driving force for future growth.”

Also in the Nojō range is Great Taste Award winning Teriyaki Stir Fry Sauce; Sesame Stir Fry Sauce; the Great Taste Award winning Yuzu Ponzu Dressing and fruity Orange Poke Dressing.

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