Yorkshire trailblazer champions healthier snacking

A young Yorkshire company is actively championing healthier snacking while putting great taste and healthier eating on an equal footing.

GSN is building its pioneering Pots of Gold ready meals with the arrival of Malaysian Curry, Chicken Korma plus Salt & Pepper Chicken and Mean Mexican Beef Chilli.

Moving away from the perception of ready meals being bland with so-so flavours and calorific ingredient decks, each perfectly proportioned Pot of Gold is designed to contribute to a healthy, high-protein lifestyle. Each meticulously packed pot uses only high-quality protein from lean food sources.

Each and every one of the 19 pots enables health-conscious food fanatics hit their daily protein intake without loading up on unwelcome salt, sugar, fats and calories. The addition of a best-selling Malaysian Curry, Chicken Korma, Salt & Pepper Chicken and a Mean Mexican Beef Chilli means that Pots of Gold is now a best-selling 19-strong range.

Yorkshire-based GSN is adamant that its pioneering pots range, which started life supporting historically overlooked indie gym and leisure centre communities before supporting the growing legions of healthier living heroes working from home (B2C), is not skimping or cutting corners in terms of tastiness or nutritional integrity.

Today supermarkets, delis, garage forecourts, university campuses, airlines, armed forces barracks and even the NHS are liaising with this ambitious frozen food pioneer about its pots of high protein/low calorie joy that take only six minutes to prepare in the microwave.

According to Gold Standard Nutrition founder, Craig Allen: ‘We wanted to take the ‘lazy calorie’ stigma away from ready meals by showing that great taste and nutritional prowess needn’t be uneasy bedfellas.”

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