Nutiani identifies value-seeking consumers as top health and nutrition trend for 2024

Nutiani’s latest research reveals a consumer shift towards high-quality, science-backed, and multifunctional nutrition amid balancing health and economic concerns.

The company’s newly released Top 10 Health and Nutrition Trends for 2024 infographic draws from its recently refreshed Nutiani Ipsos Consumer Health and Nutrition Index 2023 to unveil how inflationary pressures have shaped consumer behaviours in the health and wellbeing space.

The survey, which was conducted with 2,500 consumers across five global markets in June 2023, is part of ongoing research by Nutiani that aims to build a comprehensive understanding of consumer attitudes and behaviours toward health and nutrition.

The top three health and nutrition trends 2024 are:

  1. Consumers seek value amid inflation. The infographic reveals that the search for high-quality products that offer good value tops the list of trends for 2024. With price being the top product attribute driving purchasing decisions and 41% of survey respondents indicating that their food choices and nutrition have been impacted by inflation, consumers remain highly conscious of costs. Given the need to reassess spending choices, 51% stated a preference for products with multiple health benefits, and one in four respondents said that they will purchase fewer but higher-quality products, signalling greater discernment for quality.
  2. Scientific credibility drives trust. Ranking second, scientific credibility was also key to shaping perception of value and quality, with over six in 10 consumers expressing that they are influenced by scientifically proven ingredients and evidence of efficacy. Over half of consumers also trust in certifications by reputable sources, institutions or healthcare professionals.
  3. Spotlight on mental wellbeing. Additionally, consumers attribute significant importance to mental wellbeing, with feeling mentally well ranking as the most popular definition of being healthy. Sleep quality, which contributes to overall mental wellbeing, also ranks as the top health concern among consumers. Mental wellbeing thus forms the focus of the third trend, as global consumers increasingly seek solutions to address this health aspect.

Rebecca Cuthbertson, head of marketing, Advanced Nutrition noted how inflationary pressures have had a clear impact on the cost of living for consumers around the world. Despite this, we continue to see a strong focus on health and wellbeing, as many global consumers remain determined on improving these factors through diet.

“The increasing popularity of dairy protein and probiotics, which was another key trend observed, demonstrates how consumers are making changes on the back of growing awareness of how certain ingredients can aid in managing diverse health concerns,” Cuthbertson said. “We believe that the key trend insights we have published today will go a long way in supporting brands on their research and development of innovative products to deliver the greatest value to consumers.”

To further aid brands on their innovation journey, Nutiani will be releasing a report which taps into new data to explore shifting consumer behaviour and preferences in further detail against the backdrop of inflation. The upcoming report is slated to be released in the first half of 2024.

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