IFF collaborates with Coperion to create novel plant-based recipes

IFF is stepping up its game in the world of plant-based meat alternatives through an investment in high-moisture extrusion (HME) technology to support manufacturers replicate the appearance and fibrous texture of conventional whole-muscle meat.

IFF, who has been pivotal in many options for meat alternative players along the years, is investing in Coperion’s HME technology to deliver an improved eating experience of plant-based meat and seafood products.

Both parties see their combination offering advantages such as increased juiciness and muscle-like texture compared to other methods.

They believe manufacturers can harness HME to create unique sensory attributes by understanding the interactions between various processes, ingredients, flavours, and proteins to optimise taste, texture, and cost-effectiveness.

The plant-based meat alternatives segment is projected to reach a market value of $6.4 billion in 2023 (Euromonitor, October 2023). This growth trend is expected to continue with double-digit growth over the next five years. HME technology plays a pivotal role, accounting for approximately 20 per cent of plant-based meat products worldwide (GFI, Anticipating 2030 production requirement – Plant based meat, 2022).

IFF has recently installed three HME systems in IFF’s innovation hubs across Europe, the United States, and Singapore. These systems are now operational and feature highly precise powder and liquid feeders, ensuring both high-quality production and remarkable flexibility. IFF is integrating HME into its IFF Product Design approach, combining ingredient and flavour design expertise with advanced industry insights to provide end-to-end Product Design solutions.

“Through the synergistic integration of HME technology and IFF’s Re-Imagine Protein Innovation program, the goal is to pioneer new and innovative meat alternative products that offer a level of consumer acceptance not yet achieved in the market,” said Alexander Lamm, principal food designer, Nourish, IFF.

“Consumer demand for plant-based products that offer an experience akin to eating meat is huge, and HME is one of the best ways to meet it. This investment will allow us to deliver a wide range of benefits to our customers, helping them create innovative new meat analogues, and supporting them all the way from ideation to commercialisation, ultimately allowing our customers to develop successful products faster.”

“HME is a newer and changing technology which offers a huge range of possibilities for the future. Especially as concerns about feeding a fast-growing global population in a healthy and sustainable way mount,” said John Sheehy, global key account manager, alternative proteins, Coperion.”

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