Passion Fruit Martini receives a stylish Glow Up

Martini lovers tired of the same recipes that all canned cocktails seem to have right now, are in for a treat as the classic Passion Fruit Martini just got the Mixtons makeover…

And what is a Mixtons makeover? It’s adding a unique and original twist to a classic, a summery spin on iconic cocktails without any of the faff of making it yourself.

Inspired by the joy of being outside with friends, Mixtons was created by a trio of pals who love festivals, travel and having a great time with even better drinks. Mixtons says it is all about finding joy in the unexpected – and it has started with cocktails, creating canny crowd-pleasers that always hit the spot.

Guilty Passion is a succulent, tropical, mouth-watering twist on the vodka cocktail we know and love, but with a bit of Mixtons Magic: premium vodka, lashings of passion fruit, and bursts of mango and lychee to add a tropical vibe to the proceedings.

Be it at a house party, a romantic evening in for two, a dinner party for your single pals: this is easy entertaining. Mixtons can be kept in the fridge and enjoyed straight up and super chilled.

As Mixtons says, “Goodbye Old Fashioned: it is time to sip on something out of the ordinary.”

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