Flavorman’s experts crown ‘Star Gazer’ as the Beverage of the Year for 2023

If 2023 were summed up into a beverage, what would it be? Louisville-based custom beverage company Flavorman has announced that it created the perfect drink to sum up 2023: “Star Gazer.” From “Barbenheimer,” Taylor Swift, Beyonce, AI advancements and more, 2023 had big and unexpected moments that will be hard to forget.

“Star Gazer” is an energy drink that stands out with peach-mango as the forefront flavour and bursts of chili and cherry, empowering the body with a caffeinated base but throwing taste buds for an unexpected loop with the sweet heat duo that it contains; an experience that embodies the year 2023.

In its new blog, Flavorman fondly recollects the most significant headlines of 2023, starting with the success of “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer,” a sensation that took the summer by storm with their distinctive “rotating pink and black ensembles.” Remaining in the entertainment sphere, Flavorman highlights the monumental success of Taylor Swift and Beyonce’s sell-out world tours, setting records in both attendance and revenue.

The “Beverage Architects” reflect on the technological advancements of 2023, highlighting the emergence of artificial intelligence programs such as ChatGPT and DALL-E 4, as well as the escalating adoption of renewable energy sources, noting that the rapid rise in the use of solar power and renewable energy sources restores confidence that our ozone layer may not be on the brink of collapse just yet.

Closing its reflection, Flavorman acknowledges the more tense moments of the year, recognizing a turbulent political landscape as the nation awaits another upcoming presidential election. Flavorman also pays tribute to the surging wave of worker unions and strikes that have echoed across the nation, highlighting notable instances such as the impactful SAG-AFTRA and United Auto Worker strikes.

Amid these reflections, Flavorman conceived the fiery and sweet energy elixir named “Star Gazer.” The peach-mango fusion takes centre stage as the “star of the show,” symbolising the dazzling influence akin to Taylor Swift and Beyonce’s star power. The addition of chili flavour mirrors the unexpected harmony in hit movies like Barbie and Oppenheimer while also reflecting the tension in contemporary political affairs. Cherry, chosen by the OpenAI writing platform ChatGPT, embodies the impact of artificial intelligence throughout 2023. Opting for an energy drink profile, Flavorman encapsulates the essence of both renewable energy and the empowering spirit associated with advocating for one’s rights.

In crafting “Star Gazer,” Flavorman aims to encapsulate the essence of 2023, underscoring the lesson to pursue our dreams and continually “gaze at the stars.”

According to the Flavorman team, “Star Gazer serves as a potent reminder that amid the tumultuous events of recent years, one need not forfeit their passion or kindness. This energy drink is not just a flavourful creation; it’s a testament to resilience and positivity in the face of adversity, delivering a taste that sparks inspiration and fuels the spirit.”

To see the “Star Gazer” video, click here.

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