Döhler offers citrus taste solutions to meet surging demand

Döhler is offering citrus taste solutions, assisting customers and driving market resilience, as critical challenges arise in the citrus industry as demand outpaces supply chain capabilities.

Shortages of fresh fruit caused by environmental factors and greening, are creating uncertainties about the future availability of citrus movement.

Population growth, environmental factors, greening disease and most parts of the production being destined for fresh fruit consumption have triggered a shortage of citrus fruit for processing, intensifying concerns about its availability in the future.

In response to these uncertainties, Döhler as a leading provider of natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions supports its customers in navigating the challenges of the industry with a comprehensive portfolio and services.

Through a combination of biotechnology and natural ingredients, Döhler ensures its products are 100% natural and sustainable.

The company’s approach includes the use of non-citrus alternatives, processed gently to maintain quality and performance, aligning with consumer expectations. This strategy demonstrates Döhler’s commitment to resource-efficient alternatives, underlining its role as a responsible and innovative leader in the citrus sector.

According to Marc Pessers, global citrus team lead at Döhler, its mission is to nourish the world better.

“As the demand for citrus products continues to surge, the market conditions become increasingly volatile, resulting in overall price fluctuations,” Pessers explained. “Recognising this, Döhler has developed a full range portfolio of citrus ingredients – folded oils, fractions, signature building blocks – and natural flavours such as 100% FTNFs, 95/5 and WONF as well as nature identical solutions.”

Döhler provides direct access to the finest natural raw materials, enabling customers to overcome supply challenges and maintain a sustainable citrus portfolio. 

The company is committed to supporting customers with tailored citrus solutions, ensuring a continuous supply of prime quality products.

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