GNT introduces fresh line-up of plant-based Exberry concentrates

GNT has launched a new range of plant-based Exberry concentrates that enable manufacturers to achieve clean-label brown shades in low-pH soft drinks.

Exberry Shade Autumn Brown and Exberry Shade Golden Brown can deliver clear reddish-brown and caramel-brown hues in still and carbonated soft drinks.

GNT notes a growing demand for natural brown colours that do not pose any health concerns to consumers or contain any of the 14 allergens specified under the EU Labelling Regulation.

Made using caramelised sugar syrup, the new Exberry browns offer a clean-label solution that is also naturally free from gluten. GNT says they can provide an excellent alternative to caramel (E150) in applications including natural colas, energy drinks, and iced lattes.

Helen Vine, key account manager at GNT Group, said: “This new Exberry range was created to meet the rising demand for natural, plant-based browns that can deliver clear shades in beverages. Our concentrates allow brands to maximise their drinks’ appeal with eye-catching colours alongside clean and clear ingredient lists.”

The liquid-based colours are created from edible, non-GMO fruit and vegetables and are suitable for vegan, kosher, and halal diets. Exberry Shade Autumn Brown contains carrot concentrate in addition to the caramelised sugar syrup while Exberry Shade Golden Brown also includes apple concentrate.

Both products provide high-performing, clear solutions with no formation of turbidity or sediment even in acidic beverages with pH levels below 3.0. In addition, they offer excellent light and heat stability and are easy to pump and dose.

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