Funkin responds to Gen-Z’s demand for nostalgic flavours with the Blue Raspberry Martini

Funkin Cocktails is set to disrupt the summer beverage scene once again with the launch of a deliciously bold new flavour: Blue Raspberry Martini.

Set to make a splash on supermarket shelves, Funkin Cocktails’ release of its Blue Raspberry Martini Nitro Can follows a stellar year marked by 12% growth and a valuation of over £24m for the brand’s expansive RTD Cocktail portfolio (source: Nielsen MAT to 27.01.24- £24,060,704 value. The launch will be supported by the brand’s biggest ever new product launch advertising campaign.

Funkin says this latest innovation aims to leverage the success of its existing Nitro Can offering by tapping into emerging trends and the surging appeal of blue raspberry among Gen Z consumers.

Tailored for thrill-seeking tastemakers and in response to the Gen Z demand for bold flavours, this latest creation combines vodka with the sweet and nostalgic burst of blue raspberry. Complete with Funkin’s signature nitrogen infusion to ensure a velvety texture and smooth head, Blue Raspberry Martini promises the bar-quality imbibing experience of a freshly shaken cocktail, whether enjoyed at home or on the go.

“Since the launch of our award winning Nitro Can Cocktail range in 2019, we’ve been on a mission to redefine the ready-to-drink category, setting new standards for bar-quality products,” explains Ben Anderson, Funkin’s marketing director.

“Shoppers’ thirst for Funkin’s Nitro Can Cocktails signals a clear demand for flavourful innovation, so staying ahead of the curve is crucial. The addition of Blue Raspberry Martini to our Nitro portfolio confirms Funkin’s commitment to fuelling category growth by delivering unique and enjoyable drinking experiences tailored to diverse demographics.

“Having mastered the classics and ventured into alcohol-free territory, we’re now unleashing a bold blast from the past that embodies our dedication and industry know-how, opening up exciting opportunities for retailers to tap into the ever evolving Gen-Z trends by serving up a nostalgic journey with a modern twist.”

Funkin Cocktails’ existing range of Nitro Cans features the nation’s favourite cocktails, including Passion Fruit Martini, sales of which topped 3.5 million cans in 2023.

Funkin Cocktails’ new Blue Raspberry Martini Can (5% ABV, 200ml, RRP: £2.20) is now available in Tesco, before launching into further retailers and impulse channels with PMP (5% ABV, 200ml, RRP: £2.19) over the coming weeks

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