James White’s new drink aims to be a worthy successor to V8 vegetable juice

James White Drinks has announced the launch of Veg It new vegetable juice.

Made with a blend of eight different vegetables, Veg It Juice is a delicious way to bolster vegetable intake. With the recent unexpected disappearance of V8 juice from the UK supermarket shelves, Veg It aims to widen the market for vegetable juices while giving the former V8 customers an even better tasting option, according to the drinks maker.

“Vegetable juices are rapidly growing in popularity. We can see that with the success of Beet It and Big Tom our other leading brands. They are much lower in sugars than conventional fruit juices yet are just as tasty and even more nutritious,” said Lawrence Mallinson, owner of James White Drinks. “Veg It was developed very much with the objective of satisfying the former V8 customer taste wise while using superior ingredients such as pressed carrot, beetroot, celery and sauerkraut juices rather than concentrates to liven up the dominant tomato juice base. Add a little leek, cress and parsley to the mix and the magic is complete.”

Veg It Juice will be launching in a 1-litre Tetra Pak onto Amazon and hitting shelves in Tesco nationwide at the beginning of March, followed by Sainsburys and Waitrose in the coming months.

Mallinson continued: “I think people will be astonished how great Veg It tastes. This is the product that will finally convince the Great British public that vegetable juices are the best thing since sliced bread! ”

James White Drinks has been making fruit and vegetable drinks for over 30 years from its site in the heart of Suffolk. Their drinks include Beet It, Big Tom, Zingers and a range of classic and organic fruit and vegetable juices.

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