Danone unveils worldwide training initiative to enhance skills

Danone has today announced the launch of a global training program aimed at upskilling 100,000 employees to meet future skills demands (eg AI, sustainability), with an investment of €100 million.

Danone estimates it will need to fill 2,500 job roles across Europe to prepare for evolving job needs.

Danone said it is preparing to meet the challenges of tomorrow with DanSkills, training programme with two primary objectives: upskill all 100,000 Danone employees for the jobs of the future and attract new talent.

Between now and 2030, Danone plans to reallocate 1 million training hours annually to help its people learn tomorrow’s skills, and a budget of €100 million over the period. This global project includes the creation of a dedicated management training center at Danone’s historic Evian site.

DanoneDanone has created the DanSkills program to both prepare its workforce for the coming skills revolution and prepare to fill the 2,500 positions in Europe, including over 500 in France, that the company anticipates it will need by 2027.

DanSkills’ debut marks the first step in building the new Social Pact launched by Danone CEO Antoine de Saint-Affrique in 2023, when he gathered an expanded team of leaders and experts to reflect on the human and social challenges in the years ahead.

Rooted in the company’s dual commitment to business success and social progress, DanSkills is an integral part of Danone’s Impact Journey commitments, and will be open to all Danone employees, anywhere in the world at any point in their careers.

It will give each of them the opportunity to pursue career opportunities in line with their professional aspirations. In the process, DanSkills will strengthen by potential for innovation, creativity, shared efficiency, and performance.

Danone stressed the global skills development programme:

  • will be deployed in the 55 countries where Danone operates, and be open to all employees, regardless of qualification, job or age
  • will be formalised by Danone’s commitment to reallocate 1 million training hours a year to the jobs of the future, starting in 2024;
  • is designed to be expanded to include Danone’s key external partners, bringing its entire ecosystem into the digital, environmental and food transitions.

Altogether, Danone estimates the budget needed to train Danone employees in the jobs of tomorrow at €100 million between now and 2030.

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