Too hot to handle – pub chain launches new dining experience with flaming food and fire marshalls

Flaming Grill pubs, the experts in grilled food, has launched a new range of dishes to quite literally bring the flame from the grill to its customers, serving every meal on fire.

Every diner must now sign a legal waiver upon ordering, with each delicious flame grilled delicacy brought to the table straight from the grill completely aflame.

Not only that, but, for their own safety, diners will be provided with a pair of flame-resistant gloves, to be worn for the entire time that they’re eating.

Customers need not worry though, as each pub has its own dedicated fire marshal on site to safely put out the fire while dining, enabling everyone to enjoy their food fresh from the grill like never before.

This landmark dining experience has been introduced by Flaming Grill to allow its customers to get a unique insight into the grilling process, with a speed and efficiency of service from grill to plate providing the very best quality food with a good helping of tabletop drama in the process.

Sophie Howells, senior marketing manager at Flaming Grill, said: “We pride ourselves on being the experts in grilled food, but we’re always looking for ways to innovate and enhance our customer experience.

“With summer fast approaching and temperatures rising, what could be better than flame grilled burgers or steak brought to your table still on fire from the heat of the kitchen?

“So while we can’t guarantee hot temperatures here in the UK this summer, we can dial up the drama at the dining table for our customers to enjoy this hot new experience with us.”

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