Inamed and SIG introduce El Boustane sauces with carton packaging in Algeria

Mediterranean Agro-food company Inamed, in partnership with SIG, introduced a series of new El Boustane sauces featuring carton packaging in Algeria.

Offering a diverse selection of sauces in SIG Small carton packs in different volume sizes, Inamed presents tomato sauce in 300ml, bechamel sauce in 250ml, and pizza sauce in 330ml, all packaged locally using the first SIG Small 12 aseptic filling machine in Algeria.

 El Boustane sauces in aseptic carton packs offer consumers a high level of convenience, as products aseptically packed in carton packs retain their high quality and nutritional value and can be stored for long periods without refrigeration or preservatives. For the first time, El Boustane sauces are filled into SIG carton packs on site in Algeria.

 The Ferradji family, owner of Inamed, acknowledged the efficient performance of the SIG Small 12 aseptic filling machine, stating: We are grateful to SIG’s team for their instrumental role in ensuring the success of the product launch. The filling line’s flexibility and performance have been outstanding, surpassing our expectations. We are now confident in our ability to compete with industry giants thanks to innovative packaging and El Boustane’s superior quality sauces.

 Abdelghany Eladib, president & general manager – IMEA at SIG, commented on the significance of this milestone, saying: This marks the debut of products being filled on our SIG Small 12 Aseptic filling machine in Algeria. The filling machine’s flexibility in relation to formats and volume sizes helped Inamed to launch exciting innovations for the Algerian market. This launch represents a strategic opportunity to expand our market reach and pursue new avenues for growth in North Africa.

 The launch of El Boustane’s tomato sauce in June 2023 laid the foundation for subsequent launches, including bechamel sauce in November 2023 and pizza sauce in December 2023. Looking ahead, consumers can expect a continued stream of products from El Boustane, including additional sauces and creams as part of the brand‘s unwavering commitment to culinary excellence.

The SIG Small 12 aseptic filling machine makes it possible to aseptically fill 12,000 SIG SmallBloc or SIG SmallFit carton packs per hour. Six different volumes sizes are possible – ranging from 150 to 350 ml.

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