The Bitter Club debuts premium cocktail bitters range

The latest British premium bitters brand has launched in the UK, designed in the heart of the city’s capital.

Crafted with passion and precision, The Bitter Club’s debut range features three premium and distinctive bitter flavours; Grapefruit & Elderberry, Cinnamon & Orange and Hibiscus & Rose.

Presented in simplistic, yet sophisticated fragrance-inspired dropper bottles, these bitters are as eye-catching and delicious, in a sleek and contemporary in design, with a liquid that can drastically modify any drink, offering a modern take on an age-old product.

Made with only the finest ingredients, predominantly sourced within the UK, using no artificial additives, sugar or flavourings, these cocktail modifying bitters can transform the flavour of any drink with a simple dash.

Made up of three paired flavours, The Bitter Club’s brand portfolio includes the bold and aromatic to the delicately nuanced. Grapefruit & Elderberry is a rich and tangy grapefruit forward bitters with a deep elderberry afternote – perfect for pairing with white spirits or tonic water for a low & no alternative. Fresh and floral, the Hibiscus & Rose bitters draw on two fragrant flavours.

The depth of the hibiscus and the sweetness of the rose acts as a balanced alternative when creating complex floral twists, whilst also adding an impactful pink hue.

Cinnamon & Orange adds warmth and spice to a drink, starting with rich cinnamon notes, moving through to a pronounced orange finish which transforms any drink. Originally created for an Old Fashioned, Cinnamon & Orange works in classic cocktails.

The Bitter Club believes great flavours come in pairs. It prides itself on dual flavour combinations that create balanced bitters that give both top and base notes to drinks, resulting in a rounded and uniquely versatile palate that can elevate the flavour profile of any drink.

A clear differentiator from its competitors is the brand’s simple yet impactful design, created by Ro Murray, The Bitter Club’s Founder herself.

Originally from a design background, The Bitter Club founder, Ro Murray, discovered a passion for Bourbon whilst living in the USA. Fascinated by distillation processes Murray began experimenting at home, blending cold compounded botanicals and mixing flavour profiles, ultimately on the hunt for an outstanding bitter for her favourite cocktail – Old Fashioned.

Following a series of trial-and-error Ro perfected her Cinnamon and Orange Bitters. Two additional flavours and multiple cocktail recipes later, The Bitter Club’s distinctive collection was born.

Following a boom in the bitters industry across the globe, bitters are no longer simply the salt and pepper of the cocktail world but are often referred to as the spice rack of the drinks world.

According to IWSR Drinks Market analysis in 2021, the bitter segment grew 15% in volume versus 2020, exceeding 2019 levels, with value increasing by 22%, with volumes forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4% between 2021-2026.

In addition to the growth in the category, The Bitter Club champions the rise in no and low drinks [with 35% of alcohol drinkers concerned about the effect of alcohol on their well-being and health, rising to 53% among 18-34s] on a mission to bring back a classic – Bitters and Soda – tapping into the growth for mindful consumption.

The Bitter Club Founder, Ro Murray notes: ‘We believe every drink should be an experience to savour, which is why we’ve created bitters of unparalleled quality. Our commitment to using only the finest natural ingredients ensures that each drop of our bitters can enhance the flavour profile of any pour – alcoholic or not. As the ‘spice rack’ for cocktails, The Bitter Club hopes to add depth of flavour and balance to both the simplest and most complex of serves.’

As cocktail culture continues to innovate, The Bitter Club aims to be a pioneer in the industry, setting a new standard for premium cocktail bitters within the UK.

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