Superior portion control with Provisur’s press-to-slice module

Provisur Technologies is reporting the successful showcase of a complete high-speed press-to-slice line that meets the aims of the company motto ‘Pushing Boundaries’ at Anuga FoodTec in Cologne, Germany.

Heralded as a “next generation module”, it includes: the Hoegger X3 Press, a Press-to-Slice module and the new Formax SX550 Slicer. Additionally, the versatile Formax SX330 Slicer has impressed visitors with its flexibility in combination with improved yields.

The leading manufacturer of machines for industrial food processing said at the heart of the Hoegger X3 Press is servo hydraulic-controlled press technology that provides fast and accurate pressing.

Through the controlled application of force, the Hoegger X3, which is ideal for bacon production, enables precise and efficient pressing of natural shapes and even large belly deformations. This results in better shaped products which in turn leads to more homogenous portions while slicing that significantly improve the slicing yield. It reduces belly cracking and keeps deep wrinkles to a minimum. While Hoegger X3 technology is ideal for bacon, it also provides extremely accurate pressing of fresh meat and specialties.

Provisur’s next-generation press-to-slice module includes a 3D scanner and scales that achieve high-precision evaluation of weight, shape, and density of the product. This data is transmitted to the slicer and enables the slicer to produce accurate portion weights, consistent slice thickness, and exact slice counts – in fact, the scanning technology determines how to portion each log before the first slice is cut.

There is a continuous feedback loop from the slicer to the press-to-slice module, enabling speedy adjustment of parameters to maximise yield and reduce waste.

The brand new Formax SX550 is a high-capacity slicing system that works seamlessly with the press-to-slice module. The SX550 has a 550 mm wide throat to fit a maximum amount of product. It provides better portion control and is ideal for high-speed bacon production while also slicing cold cuts, cheese, cured meats, and specialties. The SX550 has two independent product drives and can slice two bacons at the
same time, making it a high-yield system that maximises throughput.

The smaller Formax SX330 slicer delivers high throughput with a small footprint and flexible configuration. It is extremely versatile and can slice multiple SKUs per day. At 330 x 160 mm, it also has the largest cutting throat in its class. The slicing system, with its involute blade, ensures top performance with a cutting capacity of up to 1500 cuts/minute.

Gerd Stratenwerth, sales manager EAPMEA at Provisur, points to two independent trends: “On the one hand there is a trend for very flexible line configurations that serve many different products, and on the other hand there is a need for high-performance lines optimised for only a few products. With our press-to-slice integrated line, and our Formax slicers, we provide outstanding solutions for both of these trends.”

The versatile loading and unloading modules enable fully automatic product lines. The press-to-slice line has been developed for the requirements of Industry 4.0. Fully integrated electronics on every module allow for smooth data exchange, again maximising efficiency and yield. Energy-saving modes like reduced energy consumption in idle mode as well as highly efficient servo units boost the line’s sustainability performance.

“The seamlessly coordinated modules increases yield and profitability,” explains Gerd Stratenwerth. “But better yield also leads to a significant reduction in food waste. For us at Provisur, saving food and improving yield go hand in hand.”

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