Brulo unveils world’s first alcohol-free bitcoin beer

Brulo has launched the world’s first alcohol-free (AF) Bitcoin Beer to mark its adoption of a bitcoin strategy, as it adds Bitcoin to its balance sheet ahead of this week’s anticipated Bitcoin halving event.

Founded in 2019 by Beer52 and Wine52 founder, James Brown, Brulo is an independent brewery dedicated to crafting exceptional alcohol-free beers that embody innovation, quality, and flavour.

With a commitment to using all-natural ingredients, innovative yeast cultures, and modern brewing techniques, Brulo has garnered acclaim for its diverse range of brews. Inspired by the rise of Bitcoin as a digital asset, Brulo has seized the opportunity to marry two modern and increasingly popular concepts: alcohol-free beer and cryptocurrency.

James Brown, founder of Brulo, noted the motivation behind adopting a Bitcoin strategy stems from Bitcoin representing a form of digital gold.

“It’s a hedge against inflation and an alternative to holding cash, which loses a significant amount of its purchasing power each year,” Brown explained. “With the recent Bitcoin ETF approvals in the USA and Hong Kong, there’s a lot more legitimacy around the asset now. By launching our Bitcoin beer, we aim to raise awareness and inspire others to explore what Bitcoin could do for them.

“The decision to introduce the AF Bitcoin Beer comes at a time when Bitcoin has emerged as the best-performing asset class in recent years, boasting unparalleled growth and resilience in the face of economic uncertainties. With Bitcoin ETF approvals and the upcoming halving event on the horizon, Brulo recognises the immense potential of Bitcoin as a driver of financial innovation, liberty and hope.”

Drawing parallels between alcohol-free beer and Bitcoin, Brown added: “There’s a natural link between alcohol-free beer and Bitcoin. Not only is it about freedom, but both are modern takes on very ancient concepts: beer and currency.”

The AF Bitcoin Beer is a classic Helles-style lager brewed with all German malt and hops. Super refreshing lager with a bright golden colour with a frothy white head. Fresh and balanced with light malt, floral hops, and a touch of dry bitterness on the finish.

Only 21,000 beers are being produced in a nod to the limited 21 million Bitcoin which will ever be mined. Brulo invites beer enthusiasts and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike to join in raising a toast to the future of brewing and finance.

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