DASH releases a zesty new water flavour

DASH Water – the makers of wonky, fruit-infused drinks – has been busy locking sunshine inside their cans with the launch of a new flavour, Orange.

Splashing down in time for summer, DASH Orange is bold, bright and brimming with flavour. The naturally flavoured drink is made from just three simple ingredients: fresh spring water, bubbles and deliciously wonky Spanish oranges – the bobbly, crushed, misshapen ones that others say no to…and like all the other flavours in DASH Water’s range, it contains no sugar, sweeteners or calories.

Jack Scott, co-founder of DASH Water, says: “We are so excited to announce the launch of our new orange flavour in time for sunnier days. Orange is the true taste of summer, so whether you serve it chilled, over ice or as a 0-calorie mixer, it’s sure to add even more brightness to the longer days.”

As well as giving consumers a taste of sunshine, the launch of Orange is yet another step forward in DASH’s ongoing mission to change the narrative around artificial sweeteners being a consequence-free sugar substitute.

Jack Scott added: “With artificial sweeteners and sugars continuing to make headlines for the wrong reasons (and rightly so), we at DASH have made it our aim to give our customers a drink to feel good about.

“We’re proud that DASH Orange, like all our drinks, contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners and is genuinely healthy. It’s undeniably refreshing and a delicious alternative to the excessive sugar and sweetener-filled mainstream soft drinks. We encourage consumers to think twice before they choose an Orange can from the shelves this summer.”

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