Relo looks to shake up convenience market with protein-packed, healthy meals

A new, protein-packed healthy food brand has launched, targeting shaking up the convenience meal market with a collection of high-quality, delicious meals.

Relo is a range of quick, healthy and high protein meals available in a selection of tasty options such as Katsu Style Chicken Curry and Mexican Style Beef Chilli which put the focus on nutritional balance and can be prepared in minutes.

Relo’s tasty recipes and easy-to-open tear pouch packaging make it the ideal choice for anyone looking to eat well on the go and is perfect for people with busy lives and schedules who have limited spare time to prepare and cook healthy, nutritious meals.

The brand has been designed to appeal to a wide range of customers and focuses on three core elements: speed and convenience, science-led nutritional balance and real wholesome flavour and taste.

The new collection includes Beef in American Style Steak Sauce, Thai Style Chicken Curry, Pasta Bolognese and even a healthy take on an All Day Breakfast.

The meals have been created to “redefine” the way people look at the convenience food market, thanks to their fresh, quality ingredients, high protein content and tastiness, qualities not necessarily associated with more typical ready-to-eat meals.

Relo has been created by north east health enthusiast Richard Knowles and his business partner, David Duke, who both boast extensive experience and knowledge of the health, fitness and wellbeing industries.

They spotted the need for a range of healthy, ready-to-eat meals which tasted great, could be easily stored and appealed to a wide audience – busy families, parents and students along with fitness enthusiasts and the health conscious.

Relo’s dishes contain up to 45g of protein and are packed with fresh ingredients.

Relo notes its cooking methods and packaging technology helps preserve freshness without compromising on quality. This means the packs don’t need to be refrigerated and can be stored anywhere and carried around with ease.

Relo managing director Richard Knowles said: “The launch of Relo comes after many months of hard work for our dedicated team and to see it start to be rolled out is wonderful for the whole team involved.

“Myself and David came into this knowing we were the ideal customers when it came to these products. We knew what we wanted, we were passionate about helping people just like us reach their fitness and nutrition goals and that’s where Relo fits perfectly into the industry.

“We believe Relo appeals to anyone who places a high value on maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle and who appreciates fresh and tasty ingredients in meals which are healthy, nutritious and rich in protein and can be easily transported and prepared in minutes, without compromising flavour.”

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