VK enters alcohol-free category with VK Blue 0.0%

VK is entering the alcohol-free market for the first time with the launch of VK Blue 0.0%.

The launch comes following shifting market dynamics and consumer behaviours, which have seen low and no-alcohol products become the fastest-growing category in the on-trade sector in the last year, according to Neilson (NIQ) data.

To support its development, VK commissioned research among students in key university towns across the UK, in a bid to better understand evolving drinking habits within the 18-24 age demographic.

The findings reveal nearly half (49%) of students now consume less alcohol compared to the previous year, with 32% intending to further reduce their intake in the coming months. The primary motivation for 79% is a focus on mindful socialising and connecting, with only 6% driven by the buzz of alcohol.

VK Zero maintains the signature, fruity flavour profile synonymous with VK Blue, but with 0% alcohol content, providing a more inclusive option by appealing to those looking to reduce their alcohol consumption or abstain.

Unlike many competing brands in the category, VK Blue 0.0% offers an added caffeine boost (32mg per 100ml, similar to standard energy drinks), ensuring consumers stay energised throughout their night.

Craig Chapman, spokesperson at VK, explains: “We are proud to introduce our very first VK Zero available in our ‘OG’ Blue flavour. Our loyal VK fans are at the heart of everything we do, so recognising the changing drinking culture among 18-24s and supporting these choices through product innovation is incredibly important to us.

“The insights highlight a clear opportunity for on and off-trade stockists to support consumers’ changing needs and tastes, while providing greater choice when it comes to high-quality, fun, alcohol-free options.”

Chapman continued: “VK’s mission is to bring people together to share unforgettable experiences. With Blue being our best-performing flavour, the decision to launch it in 0.0% format was an easy one and we’ve already received strong interest from a number of customers.

VK Blue 0.0% is not the only new product joining VK’s line-up ahead of summer. The RTD brand is also announcing its newest VK flavour, which is set to launch following the successful #WEAREFLAVOUR campaign, which has asked consumers to vote for the next product to join the line-up.

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