Vitafoods Europe 2024: Carbery’s nutrition and flavour experts join forces to showcase combined knowledge

Carbery and Synergy Flavours are exhibiting together at Vitafoods 2024, taking advantage of decades of expertise in taste modulation for sports nutrition.

Synergy is showcasing a strawberry and lemon collagen concept, a new natural Belgian chocolate flavour whey protein concentrate (WPC) made with Carbery WPC 80, and a mango coconut hydration beverage. Carbery will highlight its heat stable Optipep RTD (ready to drink) range of whey protein ingredients for high-performance protein and clinical nutrition applications, and will be offering chocolate and vanilla samples at the stand.

Synergy continues to respond to consumer interest in protein-fortified options by improving the taste experience of these products, as shown by its strawberry and lemon flavour concept for bovine collagen which it will be sampling at the show.

The flavour research team used mass spectrometry to analyse bovine collagen to identify the aroma compounds responsible for the collagen’s flavour profile. This data was then used to identify flavour pairings – such as strawberry and lemon, which share similar aroma compounds to the base, and so work well. The product concept being shown also contains a flavour masker to further conceal undesirable off-notes that naturally stem from the collagen source.

Synergy will also be showcasing a natural Belgian chocolate flavour for WPC sports nutrition powders, alongside a mango coconut hydration drink.

Chris Whiting, business development manager for nutrition at Synergy Flavours, noted how sports nutrition is still an exciting market segment, buzzing with new concepts, ingredients, flavours and formats. However, for manufacturers to meet consumers’ appetite for fortified products, an expert use of flavours is crucial.

“For example, adding collagen or other nutritional ingredients to a product could result in unappealing flavour notes, so it is important to use flavours that have been developed specifically to mask and modulate any potential negative impacts on taste,” Whiting explained.

Informed by its expertise in infant and performance nutrition, Carbery has developed new heat stable Optipep RTD whey protein ingredients for clinical nutrition and high-performance protein shots and beverages. Optipep offers heat stability, delivering clean tasting whey protein that can withstand UHT treatment and a 12-month shelf life on pack. Optipep RTD 9026, for example, can deliver up to 15% protein in neutral pH beverages to provide optimal nutritional support. The Optipep RTD range is made with milk from grass fed cows, and suitable for vegetarians.

Fiona Rawlinson, head of marketing at Carbery elaborates: “Reduced allergenic potential, easier digestion, and faster absorption are particularly important in the clinical nutrition market, and are strong benefits our Optipep RTD whey protein ingredients range offers. To demonstrate the outstanding taste, nutrition, and functionality of our heat stable ingredients, the Carbery team will have vanilla and chocolate protein beverage samples available for visitors to taste containing Optipep RTD.”

The Vitafoods Europe conference takes place between 14th – 16th May 2024. To taste the latest concepts and speak with representatives of Synergy Flavours and Carbery, visit the teams on stand G254.

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