Krohne’s measuring instrument enhances projects

Krohne is highlighting the Optiswitch 6700, a capacitance level switch for hygienic and general industrial applications requiring IO-Link communication in the food and beverage industries.

It is one of Krohne’s many measuring instruments offering accurate, cost-effective, and reliable results. It detects high or low level and is therefore ideally suited for overfill and empty tank prevention or for dry-run protection of pumps. The device is also designed for the detection of liquid-liquid interfaces or change of media characteristics.

Krohne’s Optiswitch 6700 can provide point-level detection of food products such as mustard, cream, honey, flour, sugar, and more, and also can monitor CIP and SIP cleaning processes. The product offers level detection of liquids, pastes and solids, dry-run protection and media separation. It also provides interface detection, media differentiation, moisture determination and detection of clogged or blocked pipes.

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