Coconut milk powder offers natural flavour

SternCreamSternchemie has introduced SternCream, a spray-dried coconut milk powder that has a multitude of uses and offers many benefits for industry and large-scale food preparation. It can be used in wet and dry products, can easily be processed, and has a long shelf life. Its very high coconut milk content gives it a characteristic mild coconut flavour, and unlike coconut flavourings and extracts, it is a natural product that is declaration-friendly.

SternCream is made exclusively from selected ripe coconuts, whose meat is first washed, minced and then pressed. To ensure the highest purity of the final product, the extracted coconut milk is doubled-filtered. It is then pasteurised and spray-dried for consistently high quality. With its low water content and oxidation stability, SternCream powder has a shelf life of at least 24 months, and it also has higher microbiological stability than coconut milk or desiccated coconut. Furthermore, due to the gentle drying process, all of its valuable nutrients are retained – and the product does not contain any preservatives, artifical colours or flavourings.

Dr. Waldemar Buxmann, food technologist with Sternchemie, explains, “We’ve tested SternCream in various products and food matrices, including qualitative and quantitative evaluation in sensory panels,”This spray-dried coconut milk powder gives very positive results in sensory testing and in terms of creaminess. Its naturally high fat content gives it a creamy mouth feel, especially in ice cream and pralines, or waffle fillings. The natural coconut flavour also convinced the testers.”

SternCream is suitable for liquid as well as dry products, and due to its instant and flow properties, it is easily processed. Despite its high fat content, it quickly dissolves in lukewarm water and attains a smooth texture. Its simple, inexpensive transportation, longer shelf-life and easy dosing offers it advantages over liquid coconut milk.

SternCream offers manufacturers across the food industry a way to improve existing products, and develop attractive new ones. Declaration as a natural product can also be used as an enticing consumer benefit.

Coconut milk is part of many foods on the European market, including ready meals, confectionary, baked goods, ice cream and beverages. Sternchemie believe that SternCream is ideal for both hot and cold foods, including soups, sauces, creams and dips – improving both flavour and texture.

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