New citrus oils for beverages

Treatt, a flavour and fragrance ingredientTreatt citrus fruitss provider, is launching a range of TreattZest citrus oils that confer an authentic fresh, zesty profile. These concentrated products have enhanced solubility and offer low cost in use in an array of finished product applications.

TreattZest oils are produced using highly selective extraction methods, which separate compounds based on their relative solubility. The equipment used ensures short contact time between phases, resulting in a highly efficient extraction. Due to the enhanced selectivity and high concentration, TreattZests are economical to use, with a recommended starting dose ranging from 2ppm to 10ppm.

Natural FTNF (From The Named Food) distillates, the TreattZest range has low terpene levels, with enhanced solubility compared to folded oils produced by conventional distillation methods. This innovative distillation process results in concentrated products that retain their volatile flavours.

Ideal for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage applications, TreattZests are particularly suited to clear beverages, as their enhanced selectivity means they don’t show any cloudiness in application. The range can also be used to give a strong, fruity aroma to flavoured beer, spirits and waters, where a cloudy appearance is particularly undesirable to consumers.

The TreattZest range currently encompasses a number of citrus oils, including Expressed Lime Oil Tahiti, Lemon Sicilian Cold Pressed, Lime Distilled, Lemon Essence, Orange Cold Pressed, Lemon Juicy and Lemon Cold Pressed.

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