New ultra-high-speed bag-in-box and beer-in-box filler

Alfa Laval – a global provider of products and modules for the beer, beverage and food industries – has launched an aseptic beer-in-box filler plus an ultra-high-speed bag-in-box filler that is 4-5 times faster than standard aseptic fillers. The new rotating filler is capable of filling consumer bag-in-boxes from 3-20 liter with a dispenser cap at an unprecedented speed of 30 bags/minute for 10 liter bags.

“The new ultra-high-speed filler is 4-5 times faster than standard aseptic fillers for ready-to-drink beverages and food,” says Pierluigi Decio, Business Unit Manager, Food Solutions, Alfa Laval. “This extraordinary performance is achieved  through a rotational filling concept with six filling heads at work at the same time, granting soft handling of the caps and great performance.”

Alfa Laval developed the ultra-high-speed filler together with Sealed Air Corporation, who is exclusive marketer. The aseptic filler module features fully automatic loading by a pick and place robot, filling and closing plus a motion control system (patent pending) that grants perfect accuracy and high efficiency.  In addition, the filler has been designed for low acid applications, complying with FDA regulations for the North American market.

“The potential reach of the new rotating filler extends beyond ready-to-drink beverages to a wide array of bag-in-box food service categories,” says Pierluigi Decio. “Juice concentrates, syrups and smoothie bases, coffee creamers, flavoured milks and sundaes,  cheese sauces, soups, salsas, and ketchup are a few of the products currently packaged in bag-in-box. Virtually every beverage or ingredient dispensed from a machine at a cafeteria, fast food and family restaurant or stadium is delivered from a bag or pouch below the counter or in the back of the facility.”

The new Alfa Laval Beer-in-box Filler for de-carbonized and de-alcoholized beer is an excellent, clean and user-friendly alternative to returnable stainless steel kegs. The filler can handle 25 liter bag-in-box for capacities of up to 240 bags/hour. 3 different sizes for ultraclean or aseptic filling are available for capacities of 1,000, 4,000 and 6,000 l/hour. The beer-in-box filler can be supplied with one or two filling heads and works with a range of different caps. It is sanitized using cleaning-in-place. Alfa Laval’s new beer-in-box filler is developed together with Carbotek.

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