1 in 4 shoppers ‘rarely visits frozen food aisle’

A YouGov SixthSense report into the chilled and frozen foods market has revealed that 27% of UK adults rarely visit the frozen food aisle. The report also shows that a considerable number of consumers have not embraced new and non-traditional frozen food products.
Consumers are unhappy with the variety of foods on display in the frozen food aisle. Almost half of consumers (47%) believe that the frozen food section is ‘uninspiring’, while over a third think that the choice of frozen food on offer is ‘limited’. Despite 40% of consumers saying they often vary the frozen food products they buy, almost as many (37%) claim that they continually buy the same frozen food items.
The reluctance on behalf of many customers to change their frozen food buying habits may be related to packaging design, with 65% of respondents believing that frozen food packaging should be changed so that ‘you can see more of the product’, while 62% think that ‘it is difficult to tell whether frozen food is good quality or not’.
“With frozen food aisles located at the back or the middle of most supermarkets, customers are less likely to browse in search of new products and are less suggestible to impulse buys from the frozen food selection,” observes James McCoy, research director of YouGov SixthSense.

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