DSM’s new patent ensures absence of off-flavour in lactose-free dairy

MaxilactDSM’s patent application for Maxilact lactase, which is free from arylsulfatase, has been granted in Europe.

Maxilact enables dairy producers to formulate lactose-free dairy products without any off-flavours. The patent relates to a lactase enzyme, which is free from arylsulfatase. Arylsulfatase is an impurity found in lactase that converts components naturally present in milk to cause off-flavour in lactose-free dairy products, resulting in a limited shelf life. Adding arylsulfatase-free Maxilact to a dairy formulation ensures that off-flavor development is no longer an issue and the shelf life can be extended.

Merel Roes, marketing manager of Maxilact, comments, “This patent rewards our long-standing scientific efforts and investments to improve lactose-free products. The lactose-free dairy market continues to expand globally and we see a rapid growth in overseas exports. This requires a longer shelf life and is thereby putting extra demands on enzyme quality.”

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