Scientists create ‘monster’ salmon

Scientists have created a genetically modified ‘monster’ salmon which could soon be on dinner tables around the world.
US company Aqua Bounty claims it has been given initial approval by American safety authorities to produce the GM fish, which grow two to three times faster than normal varieties.
However, critics of GM food fear the technology may lead to the creation of mutant misshapen fish and could harm wild populations if they escape.
Research on GM trout in Canada found that while they grew faster and were many times larger than the wild species, they were likely to die before maturity and a number developed deformed heads and bloated bodies.
However, genetic engineers at Aqua Bounty hope US veterinary authorities will approve its GM salmon eggs for this year’s breeding season. In theory, the fish would then go into stores and restaurants by 2012.
It seems likely that a pack of GM salmon would have to be identified on the label in a supermarket. However, there is no requirement to label GM fish on restaurant menus.

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