New trend in adult soft drink sector

Flavour company Wild has used cider as the inspiration for a range of new products in the ‘adult soft drinks’ sector. With flavours such as blackcurrant and bitter orange, the firm says its non-alcoholic, cider-mix beverages ‘with a tart, tangy, fruity note’ offer ‘a perfect match for the palates of adult consumers, and a refreshing alternative to classic soft drinks and alcoholic beverages’.

The market for adult soft drinks is a new segment with strong growth potential for new beverages, according to Wild, with cider an old favourite which is currently being revived on the market through trend-setting new beverages.

“Non-alcoholic cider-mix concepts offer greater variety among non-alcoholic beverage alternatives for adults,” says a Wild spokesman. “The slightly tart cider note of these beverages has been customised for its target group because, unlike children and teens, adults prefer less sweet beverages. Furthermore, this target group tends to prefer drinks that are only slightly carbonated.”

Wild’s cider-mix portfolio includes both domestic fruits such as apple or a mix of apple and blackcurrant, as well as new combinations such as bitter orange.

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