Hygienic dryer for coated RTE Cereal Products

Bühler Aeroglide has introduced a new dryer designed for the clean, safe production of coated RTE cereal products.  The new Bühler Ceres offers maximised production, significantly reduced cleaning times and energy efficiency. It is a direct result of an active collaboration with cereal processors from around the world.

Ceres provides high sanitary production for coated RTE cereal products, from its chainless conveyor system, tool-less connections and hygienic door latches.

Bühler Aeroglide vice president of business development Andy Sharpe, says, “Our food safety team has designed an unprecedented hygienic solution. Processors will find that with the new Ceres dryer, they will produce a better product, with reduced downtime for cleaning, while using less factory floor space than they would typically need for the drying operation.“

A number of sanitary innovations, including pitched floors and roofs, an integrated CIP system, a continuous belt washing system, comprehensive water management system and dozens of other hygienic design elements, combine to not only reduce the average cleaning downtime from 8 hours to 2 hours.


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