Solbar splashes out on US market

Solbar Industries has announced that its subsidiary, Solbar USA, has completed the acquisition of the Green Planet Farms plant to produce soy protein isolates in Nebraska, USA, for approximately £4.89 million (€5.6m).

The Green Planet Farms plant, which specialises in production of soy processing, was built in 2008 and includes new assembly lines and modern equipment and technology to produce soy protein isolate at the highest quality.

“We are very proud of this strategic move to purchase the factory to manufacture isolated soy protein in the USA,” says Shaul Shelach, Solbar president and CEO. “This purchase will significantly take Solbar forward in our manufacturing and sales capabilities within the main target market in the USA. It will help the company leverage our leading technology and our innovative products for beverages and extruded protein snacks towards the large clients in the USA market.”

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