Food additives market accelerating

1 additives copyAs the worst effects of the worldwide economic downturn have passed, there are signs that the global food additives market is returning to growth. The processed foods industry continues to expand within the developing world in particular. In turn, this is driving demand for many types of food additives.

Another trend influencing the market at present is the move away from artificial food additives and ingredients. With consumers and food manufacturers demonstrating an ever-greater preference for products positioned on a ‘natural’ or ‘clean label’ platform, artificial and synthetic food additives have been falling out of favour. Meanwhile, health demands are forcing food and beverage manufacturers to reformulate their products, mostly through reductions in sugar, salt and saturated fat levels. This, in turn, is opening up opportunities for manufacturers of food additives. 

The Global Food Additives Market – 6th Edition is a new publication from Leatherhead Food Research, which updates the previous edition last published in 2011. Jonathan Thomas, principal market analyst, comments, “The overall food additives market grew in value terms by 5.4% on average per year between 2009 and 2013. The best performing sector during this time has been the hydrocolloids category. This sector grew in value terms by more than 10% per annum between 2009 and 2013. Elsewhere, sales of enzymes increased by 9.1% per annum during this time, a figure which compares with more than 6% for food flavours.”

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