Danisco expands Epernon operation

Danisco has unveiled new facilities at its cultures production site in Epernon, France. They include an ultra cold storage unit (UCS) to provide 12-month shelf life for the frozen lactic and probiotic cultures produced at the plant for cheese and fresh dairy products, and a warehouse shipment zone.

“The new UCS enables us to consolidate all frozen shipments from our French sites at Epernon and cuts our CO2 emissions due to the reduced use of dry ice and transport,” explains Pierre Cans, operations vice president, cultures division.

Since the modernisation and expansion work began, Epernon has doubled its production of frozen cultures. The ISO-approved plant has also obtained internationally recognised halal and kosher certification.

“Global demand for direct vat inoculant (DVI) cultures is growing fast as more manufacturers recognise their more consistent performance and ease of use compared to traditional bulk starters,” adds Olivier Le Lièvre, plant manager, Epernon. “The new facilities at Epernon will help us reduce our delivery times and optimise our response to customer needs.”

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