Innovation in brewing ‘no one thought possible’

A collaboration by the world’s oldest brewery, Weihenstephan, and specialist US brewer Samuel Adams has led to what the pair are calling a ‘unique champagne beer’.

The brewers say they have shattered industry preconceptions of the limits of the German purity laws with the launch of Infinium – a beer with a ‘remarkably light colour, texture and flavour’, despite being over 10% ABV.

The beer – which has been two years in the making – is, say the brewers, the first of its kind in history to obtain such strength while conforming to the strict guidelines of the German purity laws. It’s set for a worldwide roll-out, including the UK, to selected outlets for consumers prepared to pay vintage champagne-style prices.

“Infinium represents an innovation in brewing that no one ever thought possible,” says Marcus Englet, export director of Weihenstephan in Germany. “To create a strong beer with such a light and delicate flavour and texture, and within the German purity laws, is a remarkable achievement and one that we are very proud to have been a part of. It took the combined heritage and know-how of two of the world’s leading breweries to make the vision a reality.”

With production kept to a relatively small scale, the brewers predict that the new launch will quickly become one of the most highly sought after – and most expensive – beers in the world.

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