Low-salt snacks

A range of sodium-reduced savoury snacks has been launched by newcomer Hoopo Healthy Snacks, produced using low sodium sea salt SoLo.

The range, which contains up to ten times’ less salt than rival brands, comprises four varieties of 40g or 50g consumer packs – Satay Peanuts, Spicy Mediterranean Peanuts, Jalfrezi Cashews and Shanghai 5 Spice Cashews – as well as 1kg catering packs available in these four flavours plus the additional options of sea salted cashews, peanuts, almonds or mixed nuts (cashews, almonds, pecans and hazelnuts).

With SoLo sea salt containing 60 per cent less sodium than regular salt, Hoopo snacks help to maintain a healthy blood pressure. In addition, the sea salt contains magnesium and potassium; nutrients in which people are becoming increasingly deficient and which contribute to maintaining a healthy blood pressure.

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