Indian spice market analysis

As spice is such an essential ingredient across Indian cuisine, emerging trends and new developments are often overlooked in a market that initially seems saturated. However, Canadean’s analysis of the market and consumer insights highlights the changing needs of consumers on a global scale – and how the demand for spice is changing beyond traditional offerings in India.

Canadean forecasts the volume of the Indian herbs, spices and seasonings market to grow by 14% between 2013 and 2018. The two most motivational consumer trends in the Indian herbs, spices and seasonings market are changing age structures and changing life stages.

The rise of urbanisation means that manufacturers must respond to the desire for products meeting busy consumers’ needs.

Large Indian spice brands are investing in marketing and advertisements in more rural areas – a vast, untapped consumer base outside the larger cities.

Big western foodservice outlets such as McDonalds and KFC have altered their menu to include spicier products to appeal to the Indian palate.


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