Statutory food hygiene scheme extended

From 28 November 2014, trade to trade food businesses in Wales, UK come within the scope of the Food Hygiene Rating (Wales) Act.

Under this extension to the scheme, businesses such as food manufacturers and wholesale providers which sell food to other businesses will, for the first time, be given a food hygiene rating following inspection by a local authority food safety officer. They will also be issued with a sticker which must be displayed. They and their employees must also tell their customers, if asked, the rating the business has received. This applies in a face-to-face situation as well as over the phone.

Businesses failing to display the food hygiene rating sticker are liable to enforcement action through the use of Fixed Penalty Notices or prosecution.

The introduction of the legislation in November 2013 made it a legal requirement for food businesses which sell food directly to consumers, such as restaurants, pubs, cafes, takeaways and hotels as well as supermarkets to display food hygiene ratings. Since the introduction, there has been a positive impact on food hygiene standards in Wales. More than 50% of food businesses in Wales have achieved a five rating, which means ‘very good’ (up from 34% in March 2012), while the number of food businesses with a less than satisfactory rating is decreasing. Over 92% of food businesses in Wales now have a generally satisfactory rating or higher.

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