Small roaster

Anchor Packaging has added a new, smaller roaster to the Nature’s Best line of polypropylene lids and mineral-filled polypropylene bases.

The roaster’s shallow base raises the bird higher in the dome, providing an attractive presentation to the consumer and eliminating the empty space present in most other packages.

In line with the rest of the range, the roaster features wide unobstructed dome lid panels, anti-fog technology and a leak-resistant closure.

Available in three sizes, the new, small roaster for 1-1.5lb whole chickens joins the large roaster designed for 2-3lb birds. In addition to the roaster dome, Anchor offers a more shallow dome for half chickens, turkey breasts, pot roasts and other main course entrees.

The bases are made with 40 per cent natural mineral additives in place of oil-based resin, thereby reducing the carbon footprint. The durable polypropylene lids will not crack or warp like polystyrene lids.

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