Dutch attempt to reduce salt in processed meats

A number of Dutch meat processors, retailers and food innovation company Top have started a collaboration to achieve salt reduction in meat products without loss of flavour, texture or shelf life. The companies are exploring the possibility of using pascalisation technology and vegetable fibres to offer an alternative to salt. The first results are promising.

Research has shown that in the case of texture, vegetable fibre can be used. In sausage, for example, a part of the salt is replaced with carrot fibre, with similar results in terms of texture. By treating the meat with pascalisation, the microorganisms responsible for spoilage do not stand a chance, resulting in an increase in shelf life. Additionally, earlier research by Top has shown that the salt perception changes by high pressure with pascalisation. This will be further investigated during this project.

The goal of the companies is to reduce salt in meat products by an average of 35%. The first product will be launched on the market in 2015.

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