SOFHT celebrates 35 years

In 1979, the Society of Food Hygiene (SOFHT) was launched. Now, 35 years on, SOFHT has supported its members – gathered from all areas of the food supply chain, from retailers to manufacturers and suppliers – in a whole range of food related milestones.

From the introduction of the Food Safety Act in 1990, BSE in 1991, the E-coli outbreak in Scotland, UK in 1996, then again in salads in 2011 through to horse meat in 2013 and campylobacter in 2014, SOFHT has provided technical expertise to its members, news and support about food safety issues, training and events as well as awards that recognise best practice and networking opportunities.

Alan Lacey, an active member of the society for 20 years and its present chair, says, “The food industry has changed a great deal in the 35 years since SOFHT was launched; products and innovations that we take for granted today could not have been imagined in 1979. Neither could some of the hazards and crises we’ve encountered along the way.

“The society has succeeded in changing and developing to meet the needs and expectations of its members. The food industry is hugely important to the UK – we export 20% of the food we produce – and we will continue to support our members with technical and legal advice so that they can optimise their businesses and deal with problems that are bound to arise as markets get more demanding and the industry becomes more complex.”

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