Omega-3 rich flour

Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients (LCI) has launched Westhove LimaLin Gold, a new, natural flour that is rich in omega-3.

Compared to the company’s original LimaLin offering, LimaLin Gold is richer in omega-3 – containing 13% versus 8% in the original – and it is more neutral in colour as it uses yellow linseed rather than the brown linseed used in LimaLin.

“A lack of omega-3 in diets is general in Europe and yet EFSA claim the ingestion of omega-3 contributes to maintaining a healthy blood cholesterol level,” notes Dr Walter Lopez of LCI. “Hence, four years after launching LimaLin, we have extended our ingredient range by the launch of Westhove LimaLin Gold, a richer omega-3 ingredient.

“Limalin Gold is easy to use, is stable for 12 months, has a neutral colour and there is no impact in texture or taste. It is also a 100% natural ingredient, containing yellow linseeds and wheat flour, and it is non-GMO.”

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