Popcorn collaborations

In addition to its low calorie, own label brand Love Popcorn, the Consett Popcorn Company also produces popcorn for a number of retailers.

The company recently worked with snack and hot sauce producer Psycho Juice to create the hottest popcorn in the UK – Dr Burnörium’s Psycho Corn – for its Psycho Snacks range.

The snack, made from the fiery Naga Jolokia chilli pepper, is so strong that the

Consett Popcorn Company team has to wear masks while making it.

MD and founder of Psycho Juice, Nick Moore, says, “We’re breaking quite new ground with hot chilli popcorn, but the reason it works is because it’s not just about heat; it’s got a beautiful sweetness and a kick of lime as well.”

In another recent collaboration, the Consett Popcorn Company joined forces with The Garlic Farm to create two new savoury popcorn flavours – garlic and herb and garlic, herb and chilli.

Founder of The Garlic Farm, Colin Boswell, says, “The popcorn’s a big hit; the flavours work really well together and customer feedback has been excellent.”

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