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Clear PET bottles in 250ml and 500ml sizes from RPC Containers Llantrisant are helping to convey the health and wellness values of The Juice Well, a new range of organic, cold pressed juices, super food smoothies and cleanses.

In cold pressed juices, the plants’ cells are crushed slowly to release the nutrients without altering, heating or destroying them in any way. Nutrients are delicate and sensitive to heat and light so they will always be damaged by pasteurisation. The Juice Well’s cold press system optimises the extraction process to get the most nutrients out of raw vegetables and fruit.

The PET bottles enable the colourful juices to be clearly visible to maximise their impact on shelf, with plenty of room for the label that details the healthy ingredients. The bottles are lightweight and easy to handle to maximise consumer convenience. In addition, the bottles are fully recyclable.

“Our juices have important health benefits but they also taste good,” explains Georgie Coventry of The Juice Well. “Our packs therefore had to look appealing on shelf while conveying their health message and reflecting the quality of the juices. The bottles from RPC Llantrisant have proved to be the ideal solution.”

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