Hand crafted beer flavours

Bell Flavors and Fragrances has launched a new line of hand crafted beer flavours, ranging from subtle to major hops and from smooth to rich.

Sheila Harte, senior beverage applications manager, says, “The beer industry has expanded to include many more industries like alcoholic beverages, sauces, meats, batters, bakery goods, confections and even ice cream. Bell’s hand crafted beer flavours can be used in a variety of applications for a unique flavour profile.”

A few of the handcrafted beer flavours highlighted in this line include:

  • Stout – a mildly hoppy flavour with silky, velvety notes of cocoa and a bold roasted flavour
  • Hard Cider – a sweet-tart flavour that is fresh and crisp
  • Belgian Style Ale – a slightly sweet and spicy flavour with toasted malty overtones
  • Amber Ale – toasted malt characters with a light fruitiness to its flavour.

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