Taking the heat out of chilli

Flavour firm Treatt has developed a new pepper ingredient to ‘enhance savoury flavours without adding the fiery sensation of chilli pepper’.

Jalapeno Treattarome 9816 is a companion product to Habanero Treattarome 9815 but, like the natural fruit, it carries a greener, bell pepper-like note, differentiating it from the hot, tangy habanero chilli, says Treatt.

“The natural distillate delivers the complex and unique flavour of jalapeno,” says CEO Hugo Bovill. “Using specialised technology, it’s collected without the need for extended heat processing. The resulting clear to pale yellow extract is miscible with water, alcohol and propylene glycol. Successful applications include salsa and pepper sauces where control of the capsaicin heat level is important.”

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